Komunitas Santa Louisa
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House                                  :  St. Louise de Marillac – Provincial House

Date of Foundation          :  November 1, 1934

First Sister Servant          :  Sr. Henriette Auerbach

Address                               :  Jalan Brawijaya 63,Kediri 64123


Activities of the House:

  • Social Service:  selling daily needs (rice, sugar, etc.) in cheap price, providing lodging for the      poor children, visiting the sick, helping the unemployed to get a job, serving the ex Hansen’s disease, Credit Union, giving scholarship, serving the elderly women in their own houses, accompanying the people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Pastoral Service:  bringing the Holy Sacrament to the sick and elderly, teaching religion to people who want to be baptized, vocation promotion, Sunday School, companionship to the families who have problems, preparing the couple who will get married.
  • Health Service:  clinic, providing good nutrition for the poor children, elderly, pedicab drivers, poor families and widows, financial help for the expenses of medical treatment in hospital.
  • Formal Education:  Kindergarten, Primary chool, Secondary school.
  • Informal Education:  sewing course, tutorial for students outside of school programme, some courses for ex Hansen’s disease such as: making pots, gardening, poultry